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HVTO is growing with its various projects, Please click here to read the last newsletter of December 2012

Kontreang commune is located 30km ( 19 miles ) away from Siem Reap. There are  eight villages with nearly 1,900 families and more than 9,500 people living in this commune. In addition to the efforts of the Cambodian government, a number of organizations and local volunteers are united in helping the people in this commune including Homestay Volunteer Teachers Teachers ( HVTO ), a registered non-profit NGO founded by local tour guide and English Teacher Sim Piseth

HVTO develops and manages several different projects to help the poor Cambodian communities to improve their quality of living and to enable them to sustain themselves independently. Reducing poverty and increasing knowledge is the ultimate goal and education is the answer. HVTO’s development projects create both jobs  and opportunities for local people.


Viking River Cruises has been supporting some of HVTO projects since 2011. So this video can report as to tell how you can become part of the HVTO projects in the future.

We believe that the greatest help we can give to young people in Cambodian community is education and we believe that education will empower people and create conditions for sustainable development.

Thank you for your visiting our homepage. For more details about our programs and how you can become parts of the projects, please visit other pages and write to us as it is always very good to hear from you.